Wednesday, June 13, 2012

U.S. Open Prediction

I only have one real pick for the US Open, and that would be Matt Kuchar. He has played excellent all year, he has been consistent, and he has made every single one of hits cuts. Kuchar has even posted top-25 finishes 3/4 of the time. That is impressive. I remember watching an interview (just scroll down the page) about the US Open and he basically said that winning The Players helped him become more confident and he now knows he can win on golf's greatest stages even with a tough player field. I have a lot of confidence in Kuchar due to this great season. He played a consistent golf season last year as well, though this year he finally got some real recognition.

Of course, I am still planning on rooting for my personal favorite Ian Poulter who has been playing on the European Tour since The Players. Since he splits his time, I don't get to see him as much as I would.

Other notables playing in the US Open are the more "obvious" choices which include Tiger, Mickelson, Donald, McIlroy, Bubba, and those big names. I still have my main pick as Matt Kuchar even when considering the so called "best of the best" who have all been pretty up and down all season.

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