Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Golf Digest Tip of the Week


"Sometimes you have to do something radical to regain your feel for the swing. Try this: Swing a broom like you would your driver. You'll instinctively support the weight of the broom at the top, let the broom lag on the downswing, and balance it in the finish. This helps overcome the urge that many players have to lift the ball in the air—that's when they lose a lot of power. So swing the broom (left) and then recreate that feel when you hit your tee shots.
—Randy Smith / Golf Digest Teaching Professional"

What I do when I struggle with my swing is hit some balls at the range, but swinging only at about 50%. While doing this, I don't change anything but the speed. When I am hitting balls consistently, then I will up it to about 75%, and eventually 100%. I have done this with a broom before and the increased wind resistance will help those who turn their hands over too early, and have a closed face on impact. For more power, a weighted driver will help as well because your normal driver will feel very light in your hands.

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