Thursday, June 14, 2012

Low Scoring Round at the US Open

To be fully honest, I didn't get to watch the full round since I was watching it on NBC and it was cut short because of the news. To say the least I was angry considering I got to see 1 or 2 shots from Kuchar and none from Poulter. Their threesome which also included Steve Stricker just got done playing. Both Poulter and Kuchar posted an even par which turned out to be great considering there are only 14 golfers at par or under.

Olympic is a tough golf course and combined with fast greens, fast fairways, and tricky hole positions, it was tough playing for everyone.

The group of Tiger, Bubba and Phil was a letdown for all since Watson posted +8 and Mickelson shot +6. Naturally, neither seemed happy with their play in interviews but neither made excuses. This is the 2nd bad tournament (so far) in a row for Phil Mickelson and Bubba Watson so they need to find a way to step their game up. This isn't really a course for Watson considering he just whack the ball out there somewhere in the fairway when this course requires pinpoint precision.

Tiger played solidly and played confident from what I saw of him. He posted a solid score of -1. His putting seemed to be in line.

I did get to notice on the scorecard that Poulter eagled the 7th which made me happy since it brought him to par for the round. That was the same hole that Love missed his 6' eagle putt. The only thing that is really hurting Love's game is his short putting.

Our leader Michael Thompson was -4 for the day, 3 strokes better than the crowd at -1. He played early in the day, so I didn't get to see him play either.

With Olympic playing tough and with players having a tough time scoring, there is about 2 dozen people I would say who really have a chance to make a comeback going into cut day of the US Open.

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