Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Golf Digest Tip of the Week


The way you set up to the ball has a major impact on your swing. Here are my tips on posture: Stand up as you normally do, then relax your legs. Bend slightly from the waist. Now hold the club and drop your shoulders (left). Where your arms fall, that's where the club goes. I try to keep my back straight but not tense, with my arms hanging. I want my chin up so my shoulder turn is not restricted. The feeling for me is athletic and relaxed.
—Jack Nicklaus / Golf Digest Playing Editor"

Very true. You want to have your knees bent slightly, butt out, and your back straight. The most important thing is to not be tense as it says. An athletic stance will be the first thing you will be taught with your feet about shoulder width apart. In order for your arms to be in good position, make sure the butt of the club if pointing towards your belt buckle. During your backswing, make sure you don't extend your body (stand up) because your hitting will be inconsistent and you will lose power.

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