Tuesday, October 23, 2012

RocketBladez Irons from TaylorMade

The end of the golf season is my favorite. I just love all these new clubs and new technology that comes out. TaylorMade has recently shown off their new set of irons, RocketBladez. RocketBladez brings TaylorMade's technology from their RocketBallz driver and fairway wood line now into irons.

The reason that the TaylorMade RocketBallz line has been so widely successful in its first year of production is because of the speed pocket in their woods. TaylorMade has now been the first to introduce this into an iron. This is to help the golfer get the ball up into the air quicker, and they claim that you will not only achieve longer distance, but you will also have great consistent distance control.

What the pocket does is create a spring-like surface towards the bottom of the club face, which makes sense because that is where you would hit the ball. When struck, the pocket will spring up and create a higher launch and the ball should lift off the ground effortlessly resulting in a higher trajectory. Since the face is very thin, it allows the sweet spot of the club to be larger and lower for more consistent and forgiving shots.

The TaylorMade RocketBladez irons are available for pre-order at this point in time and will be officially released on November 30th this year. Click the link below to view the RocketBladez mini site and product page, and/or watch the video to the right.

RocketBladez Mini Site

RocketBladez Product Page

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