Saturday, October 20, 2012

Golf Club Review: What's in my Bag

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I just want to update and give my feedback of what I have been playing with in the 2012 season.

Driver: Cobra S3 10.5 degree set on neutral, regular flex Fujikura Blur.
I love this driver! I have had it since mid last year and it is very forgiving. Most of my mishits happen to be on the heel and I can still get near full distance. The stock shaft is very fast, but not whippy. I can hit this driver straight every time.

Woods: Cobra Baffler Rail F 5+7, regular flex Fujikura Motore.
I can hit these 2 clubs extremely well off of the fairway, off the tee, and even in the rough. I bet many of you are wondering why the heck I would hit a 7 wood. It is the same loft as a 3 hybrid/3 iron, and I just prefer this. Simple as that. I like the feel and can hit it better. If I ever need to hit a long shot out of the rough, the 7 wood is my club. The 5 is mainly a fairway club, though I can obviously hit them both well in the fairway.

Irons: Ping i3 O-Size 4-PW, regular flex Cushin JZ.
I started off the year using some TaylorMade rac LT 3-PW irons, but they just weren't very forgiving at all. They were great, but I couldn't hit the longer irons. With the Pings (which I started using in May or so), I gained about 5 yards per club and a LOT of forgiveness. The only club that I have trouble with is the 4 iron. I may buy a 4 hybrid in order to make up for the yardage gap.

Wedge: Cleveland CG14, wedge flex Dynamic Gold/Ping ISI wedge, Ping graphite shaft (can't remember name).
I started out the year using a 56* CG14 wedge which I loved. It was an overall great feeling wedge with good spin and I loved the feel chipping around the greens. I lost it during a golf match about a month ago so I then started using a 55* Ping ISI wedge. I like this wedge better on full shots. It delivers better forgiveness and better spin, but I don't like chipping with it. There is just a little too much bounce. I need some more wedges!

Golf Balls: Just the balls that I have used this year that I really like and have positive things to say:
Callaway HEX Chrome
Bridgestone e7
Bridgestone B330 RXS
Srixon Q-Star
Srixon Z-Star
Nike One Platinum (top of the line ball a few years ago, found a dozen)
TaylorMade Penta TP3
TaylorMade Penta TP5

Possible Future Purchases:
Cobra Baffler irons (haven't actually tried yet but I want to)
Cleveland CG16 irons
Cobra Baffler T-Rail 4 hybrid (before the irons though)
Cobra Trusty Rusty wedge (51, 55, 59)
Cleveland CG16 wedge (52, 56, 60)

For the possible purchases, I have demoed many different clubs and I just like trying new things and those are the ones that have really stood out. I really don't plan on making any real changes with my clubs, I just would like to fix my yardage gaps.

I obviously use these clubs and balls because they work for me so I obviously have positive things to say. What works for me might not work for you. It all really has to do with feel.

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