Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tip of the Week

I am starting a new segment which will be every Wednesday. Considering that I am signed up to receive the Golf Digest Tip of the Week and am always eager to learn more about how to better my game, I thought it would be a good idea to share it here. After the tip, I will give my insight. Here is the tip:


When you hit balls off artificial turf, you can't always believe everything you feel. Fat contact is often disguised, because the club rebounds off the mat and you hit a decent shot. So focus on swinging down to the ball with your weight rotating toward the target onto a firm left leg (left). It should feel as if you're "trapping" the ball. This move ensures that the club will reach the bottom of its arc at the ball, not before it.
—Rick Smith / Golf Digest Teaching Professional"

This is mainly true from my experiences. You feel that you are hitting everything perfectly at the range and then mess up on the course. Unless your range has actual grass, you won't be able to practice truly. I try to stay clear of mats as much as I can because they tend to wreck my game. After every time I use them, I often top the ball. This is because you can't get get under the ball as much or make a divot. Mats will get you into a tendency of hitting the ball skinny. I would recommend trying to stay away from mats. You won't get a true feel for your clubs on mats, or even on the range...only on the course.

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