Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Evolution to Hybrids (but don't forget the shorter woods!)

The evolution to hybrids was a relatively quick one. Back in the early 2000s, virtually no one used a hybrid. Now, they are a popular alternative (to both pros and amateurs) to the longer irons. Cobra invented the hybrid with their Baffle line in the late 1970's but it didn't really catch on. Now, the golfers' answer to their long iron problems is the hybrid.

The hybrid is designed so that is has a loft and lauch angle slightly higher than its counterpart, plus it has a larger head with a lower center of gravity. All of these contribute to the golfer getting the ball up in the air much easier. Most now are designed so that less turf hits the head as well which will result in a smoother shot.

I personally can't hit hybrids. Instead of a 3 hybrid, I hit a 7 wood. It has the same loft as a 3 hybrid, but I just hit it better. My woods are Cobra Baffler Rail F, F standing for "fairway" while the Baffler Rail H was the hybrid model. They are both basically the same except that one is a wood. A lot of people knock out the 7 and 9 woods (yes...some companies still make a 9 wood) in favor of a 3 and 4 hybrid. They might not know what they are missing. Some people have problems hitting woods, and some have problems hitting hybrids. For those who struggle to hit a long iron AND a hybrid like myself, you may be able to hit woods. You may get laughed at a little, but it will be a great feeling when you smoke the ball on the green while they miss. See what works for you.

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