Monday, May 28, 2012

Golf Ball Review: Callaway HEX Chrome vs Bridgestone e5 vs Srixon Q-Star

I have played the Callaway HEX Chrome since the start of the season and I love them. They have good distance, and great spin. The only thing is: when I run out, I don't know if I want to pay $36 a dozen. I got a sleeve of the Bridgestone e5 and Srixon Q-Star the other day and played half my round with a ball from each sleeve. Here are my thoughts on all 3 balls.

Callaway HEX Chrome: ($36) Great overall golf ball. Has a nice soft feel to it, good distance and accuracy with great spin. It is basically the HEX Black only meant for a little bit slower swing speeds (85-105mph probably).

Bridgestone e5: ($26) This is a rare ball...the only 2 piece with a Urethane cover. I chose this over the e6 or e7 because of the Urethane which means more spin. Spin is crucial for me on the greens. I really liked the feel especially with iron shots, and the flight was higher than a HEX Chrome which I liked. the e5 had better spin the the Q-Star The ball did have some serious stopping power. The only thing (as with all Urethane balls) it will tend to scuff. If spin is important to you, then these would be a better fit for you when compared to the Q-Star.

Srixon Q-Star: ($25) You would really have to work at it to slice or hook this ball. It's not that I have that problem, but the ball flight was a bit straighter than the e5 or a HEX Chrome (3 piece). It has a little better feel with the driver and woods. I chose a sleeve of these because I heard good things about them and just wanted to explore the market a little. The spin wasn't quite as good as the e5, but it was much better than other 2 piece balls which will just roll off the green. The feel when putting might've been a little softer though when compared with the e5, but that is a personal preference type of thing. If you have trouble slicing, this would be an excellent choice if you don't want to spend big bucks.

I personally would take the e5 as my next ball because of the spin. If that isn't your top priority, then the Q-Star is an excellent choice. I still like my HEX Chrome's but the e5's are much more affordable.

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  1. Boo- i dont think u played with the hex black as u would comment on how the ball feels completely different with an emphasis on FIRM . A better ball with a lowr tragectory and superb in the wind.